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Update ship costumes

corerunner#1772 corerunner Member Posts: 119 Arc User
edited September 2022 in The Art of Star Trek Online
A suggestion for updated ship costumes would be the Ross Class Dreadnought, Miranda Gamma nacelles for Constitution class, 2016 teaser Crossfield saucer, hull, neck, nacelles and hull material for all Crossfield types and Kelvin Timeline Enterprise A for both Kelvin Connie's. I am asking for these as it would be nice to be using these in game for the respective ships.
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    phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 5,612 Arc User
    Instead of just being costumes, the 2016 Discovery teaser ship and the original McQuarrie ship (which has appeared in both first movie and in TNG in the background (several times) and so is a canon design separate from the Crossfield) would be great as ships of their own. The McQuarrie one is old and probably lower-enough-interest to be perfect for a c-store ship, and it would not take much updating to look great.

    DSC even supports the 2016 design in the engineering consoles, which often show the 2016 teaser outline instead of the Crossfield on status displays. While the realworld reason is probably that they made some of those displays before deciding to shift to the Crossfield design, it is realistic in that special purpose ships in the real world are often radical modifications of other, older, designs.

    A costume material that would be great would be a lighter pearlescent white than the gray "upgrade" one currently in the game would be nice too, to represent TOS era ceramic coatings in a more interesting way than the flat white.
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    corerunner#1772 corerunner Member Posts: 119 Arc User
    edited September 2022
    Well with the 2016 teaser Crossfield it uses a Cardassian style hull material. But just updating the Crossfield with the options would be good. Especially with the ability to fill in the saucer's negative space.
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