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Days of Doom Crash Round 2

I'm sure others noticed this but once again Days of Doom's tfo is inducing crashes and lock-outs. This makes completing the Endeavor as near impossible.


  • drnicket#1308 drnicket Member Posts: 21 Arc User
    They need more details my friend.

    Let me see what I can add:

    Once queued and readied, even a private team of 5 will experience 2 players being kicked out (booted to character select screen or even full game crash on occasion). One of those two players are able to log back in and continue the TFO. One is unable to log in to that character again (without getting booted) until the TFO instance is completed and gone.

    My friends and I have 'tested' this many times and have determined that it just isn't worth the risk of losing access to one of our characters to manually queue for it. So, we use lesser characters, and only when Days of Doom is the Universal Endeavour. Otherwise we avoid it like the plague.
  • This description is spot on, however, I've noticed that sometimes the matchmaking process kicks 2 players out. After being kicked out, the entire game crashes. Playstation then prompts the player to report the crash. Upon restarting the game, as soon as the same character that was booted is selected, the game crashes again and starts a loop of restart, crash, report, crash, etc. Even if a player skips the report the issue prompts, by the time the player can access the game again, the system assigns a leaver penalty of 30 minutes (an AFK penalty). Having been on both sides of the issue, I can say that the few times I am able to play Days of Doom, it allows only 3 players in. It's possible to notice that the 2 booted players do the same thing I've described, they try to log back in, but the game locks them out with the leaver penalty. At best, this leaves 3 players to do the entire TFO, which is ironic considering the point of the AFK is to dissuade players from leaving, getting credit, but also to make sure all 5 players participate actively.

    My suggestion is to remove Days of Doom from the Universal Endeavor lineup so that it is never picked in the first place. This issue has been happening since 2016. If the problem cannot be fixed, consider asking players if they want the TFO eliminated completely or if my suggestion would suffice.
  • Every time the Days of Doom TFO is selected as the Universal Endeavor on PlayStation, it causes multiple crashes, boots players, and makes it extremely difficult or even impossible to gain Endeavor points by accomplishing the mission. I suspect the glitch occurs during the matchmaking process. As a player, I select to complete Days of Doom at all difficulty levels. As soon as my character beams out, the glitch occurs resulting in me and at least one other player being booted when the game crashes - PS4 blue scree of death or PS5 fatal crash screen. Then, PlayStation prompts the user to report the error. After reporting the error, upon restarting the game, it's possible to notice that the map listed on the character select screen lists Federation Border - which it should during Days of Doom. Upon selecting the same character, the error happens again, and quickly leads to a cycle of crash, report, reload for several minutes. This cycle stops, and upon entering the same character, the map on the selection screen reverts to the location just before attempting Days of Doom. Once back in, it's now impossible to select Days of Doom due to the leaver penalty (AFK) that prevents all TFOS for 30 minutes.

    This issue has been happening and has been reported and posted in these discussion forums since 2016. When Days of Doom is NOT the Universal Endeavor, the same issue happens if it is selected at random by doing random TFOS or if deliberately choosing it. Other players and I have teamed up in groups of 5, the leader selected it, and the same error takes place: at least two players are booted and cannot recover. For the three who do enter Days of Doom because they are lucky enough not to be booted, the TFO is more difficult because it is necessary for only three to do the entire TFO, and it requires players to be in two separate places at the same time to complete all goals. Since 2016, it has booted me as described more than 90% of the time I've attempted it. In order to complete it to get the credit when it's the Universal endeavor, it is necessary to try it, wait out the leaver penalty, try again. I've noticed that server traffic affects the glitch. Players on servers that aren't as busy are more likely to be one of the fortunate three.

    This is incredibly frustrating and time consuming. My suggestion is to remove Days of Doom from the Universal endeavor lineup and from the random TFO selection list to avoid this issue. Players this way can still, at their own risk, start Days of Doom, and if fortunate enough not to be booted, complete it for temporal reputation
    Another option is to remove Days of Doom completely from the game. It would be beneficial to all of us to estsblish a dialogue to find out what most players want to do. It seems to me the issue cannot be corrected since it is a known glitch and has been for six years now. If this is true, let players know via release notes to select at their own risk,
    but do remove it from Universal endeavors and random TFO selection processes so that it will not affect and punish players with unjust leaver (AFK variety) penalties when they have done nothing wrong.

    As someone who has tried to troubleshoot this issue, I've noticed these behaviors when it does permit me entry. The players listed on the left side start out with a total of five (my own of course is not listed, so there are 4 names on the left). At launch, 2 names vanish, leaving 3 of us. Those same names reappear briefly, then vanish again. This happens for about 5 to 7 minutes, then the TFO no longer allows anyone else in. Since it is the same 2 players that show up, vanish, then repeat the same, I am certain that they experienced the crash and tried to recover only to have the glitch happen again until the leaver penalty stopped them from attempting.

    I have a video of the glitch in action and screen shots of the leaver penalty which I am happy to furnish to any game masters upon request. However, this glitch always happens to 2 players. To make the glitch occur, simply team 5 players together and select Days of Doom.
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