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Measure of Morality Part 1: Control Becomes Stuck, Can't Progress Mission

lokharnolokharno Member Posts: 37 Arc User
In Measure of Morality Part 1, in the final phase of the Trial of Esof 4, it's not uncommon for Control to appear "stuck" on some piece of the map geometry, which makes it impossible to lure it onto the platform -- which is necessary to progress the mission. This doesn't occur every time, but it seems to happen about half the time even when I'm making a conscious effort not to lead Control into spots where it's gotten stuck before.

My most recent experience of this issue was today (6/16 about 5:00 pm PT), with a level 65 delta recruit playing on Advanced difficulty. In this case, Control became "stuck" on a corner near the console closest to the magnetized platform. I quit and resumed the mission (restarting the trial from scratch) and completed it without Control getting "stuck."


  • bbguntx#5398 bbguntx Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Had the same problem with the section 31 creature, it would stick in place right after the first time I magnetized the floor and had it at half power, but could not get it to move or even attack me it was frozen. Had to abort mission. ARC is telling me they are working on, it and asked me to post the bug, but I see i am not the only one with a problem with this mission. First time I played it with it went fine.
  • anomalousxanomalousx Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    lokharno wrote: »
    it's not uncommon for Control to appear "stuck" on some piece of the map geometry
    I've experienced this behavior in this mission also.

  • jcsteelejcsteele Member Posts: 146 Arc User
    i just set up the trap for Control twice, and both times it failed to trigger the dialogue with Burnham. Is this related to the other problem?
  • I have the same issue. Control freezes and won't move when I'm down to the last shock. I was told to post here so they will prioritize fixing the bug.
  • renebrehmer#9819 renebrehmer Member Posts: 71 Arc User
    Reported this long ago and was told it's a known issue. Along with Seven not helping with the fights like she's supposed to.
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