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Endeavors Not Completing and Negative Timer

moo8emoo8e Member Posts: 68 Arc User
edited June 2022 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Endeavors are not completing (personal and universal), there is also a negative timer.
The endeavor progress can be maxed out to completion with the tick but there is no reward (Endeavor XP and reward box) and the progress is reset after a map change.
The reroll button does not change the endeavor and does not consume a token either.
Tried re-logging, switching to a different character, reloading game.
Daily bonus event does not progress as well (daily bonus is available).
Also raised in-game ticket #748075

Account bank is unusable as well, I cannot add or remove items or energy credits.
My personal bank is working (for adding and removing items).

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  • moo8emoo8e Member Posts: 68 Arc User
    Still stuck and the negative timer is now over 24 hours, there was no reset with today's new endeavors:

  • moo8emoo8e Member Posts: 68 Arc User
    All issues have been resolved after today's maintenance.
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