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Purchase Inquiry at ESD. Zen and T6 coupon wasted and still now Inquiry Battlecruiser.

I selected the Inquiry class variant using the Ship Acquisition vendor on ESD. Under the T6 Battlecruiser- It stated I needed to buy the ship through the Zen store. When I tried looking up the ship it only provided the Avenger and Arbiter variants. So I tried to purchase the ship through the vendor. The first attempt it used my free ship voucher and I received the Avenger. Not the Inquiry. The second time I attempted to use Zen figuring that I needed to do that. It used the T6 voucher (which I was saving to acquire the Terran Lexington variant.) still did not get the Inquiry class variant. So not only did I not get either ship that I wanted but now I’ve wasted and lost the T6 ship voucher that I gained through promos. As a result I’ve put anything that I don’t want to put endanger of loosing into my bank for safe keeping.

I’m sorry if I seem irritated. I enjoy the game when it’s not buggy. I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad as a child and I’m 40 now. It’s kinda my way to enjoy that universe other than watching the shows and seeing the different story archs. I love the iconic ships and the characters. I’m just disappointed that I tried getting a ship I wanted and I didn’t, but it shouldn’t have used a promo voucher and now I’m out both ships- especially after discharging other ships in my shipyard to make room.


  • orangenee#2931 orangenee Member Posts: 837 Arc User
    On that particular screen "variant" means skin. Look lower right and it clearly says "purchase Arbiter battlecruiser", which is that very ship.

    The Inquiry is an R&D promotional ship, in other words a gamble box ship. If you want one of those, either fork out some EC on the exchange (it's relatively cheap currently, 4-500 million) or wait until they do another lobi special event or it turns up in a promotional box.......and spend about 300 dollary doos to get one OR buy the boxes for many millions and open them.

    As Mr Westmetals said though, that ship you got there comes with THE D.E.W. Trait.

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