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Xbox Campaign 3 buyout/missing points bug

I’m short by 250ish points for Campaign 3, despite (I think) completing all 5 events. I have all 5 consoles/kits/targ, but can only see 3 events on screen and 2 show as finished, but the Voth event is still ‘active’ but has no buyout or second chance option available.

If I got the Targ reward and the other shinies, shouldn’t I have accrued the correct points to complete the Campaign?

I had originally posted in General about this a week or so back.

(Requested by GM to investigate)


  • sleazystevie77#1517 sleazystevie77 Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Did anyone else have this problem? I seem to be going around in circles as GMs keep telling me to buyout which is not actually possible.
  • orangenee#2931 orangenee Member Posts: 837 Arc User
    Have you checked the Zen store?

    For me all of the prior events are in there, available for another month or so. I never did any of them as I wasn't playing then but I think that's all of them.
  • sleazystevie77#1517 sleazystevie77 Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    No, the Zen store on xbox doesnt have the second chance shop like on PC - at least not for me. GM's have now advised this has been raised to dev team......... so I guess I've lost a years worth of grinding!!! #[email protected]
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