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Got the Kirk Class, and it's missing!!!

morrow#1528 morrow Member Posts: 14 Arc User
After a huge surprise I finally got the Kirk Class, I removed some items from the Inventory that came out of the Infinity Lock Boxes and there she was the Kirk Class I opened it and nothing happened. I was expecting a window saying Commission this starship but instead the ship went missing. I thought everything was back up and running since the problem happened days ago. But I've lost the Kirk Class after opening the box, its not like there's a lock box of nothing on the game because this is my first box of nothing. Can it be a bug or a technical issue?


  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 2,393 Arc User
    edited January 19
    If you had limited Inventory space, the ship could be sitting in your Inventory/Overflow as a Starfleet Delta which you can 'Commission' from its' context menu.

    If this is not the case, and the ship actually has indeed completely vanished, then Customer Support are your best option.
    (Screenshots of the pack, and the chatlog showing the ship being received but not there would be very useful for your case, but I suspect that might not be possible...?)
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