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Bugs with Constitution Bridge (2267)

I originally bought this bridge because I am going for a TOS themed character. Unfortunately, the ship interior has major issues with character clipping into chair and not sitting in the right positions, as well as certain parts of the bridge not showing up such as in the shuttle bay, allowing the player to fall through and making it also impossible to beam out, you need to wait for like a minute for the player to be automatically repositioned in the bridge after falling to the bottom of the map. The transport officer is also in the wrong location, they should be in the shuttle bay like in the Pioneer bridge (which also had these same issues) instead of the transporter room. Having these issues really makes it difficult for me to have the TOS vibe, as I really want to use this bridge without the issues.

There are also certain area where sounds will not play such as in the Engineering lab, and doors sounds do not work, in the captain's cabin (both from inside and outside) and inside engineering.


  • spaceman20290#1755 spaceman20290 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
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    From what I have heard, there are other people experiencing this issue as well.
  • qultuqqultuq Member Posts: 703 Arc User
    edited January 11
    Yes everyone has had this problem for years. Sorry you bought a broken product. The mess hall in the intrepid has a giant black obelisk too. I doubt that has been fixed either. But I am certainly not going to buy the Intrepid bridge just to prove it is broken.

    They did however, fix the bridge officers in the floor on the bridge before the Temporal Recruitment event this year. So maybe, maybe they will fix it “soon™“
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  • keepcalmchiveonkeepcalmchiveon Member Posts: 4,140 Arc User
    yeah, its been dorked for some time. no replies ever about it or fixing it for some time as well.
    quality product that ruins immersion when your crew is cut off mid-section and in the floor.
  • ward101#8752 ward101 Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    yeah mine has the same thing maybe the videos or the net
  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 2,412 Arc User
    At some point in the past, the base floor level in all maps was lowered, which has led to this bug.
    It's not massively noticed due to actual floors or ground being present for our characters to walk on, but seated NPC's often sit relative to the 'new base floor' instead of the seat they are sitting on.

    The 'new base floor' is also noticable in the mission "Coliseum" as you now have to jump to make the interact button appear to escape through the sewer pipe in the Romulan Base, whereas you used to be able to just walk up to the pipe and the prompt to escape would just appear. Folks may notice that the floor level in that pool is definitely lower, necessitating the jump.
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