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Was not given option to claim winter event reward

When I completed obtaining winter event progress to obtain the Eisenberg Cruiser, it did not give me the option to claim the cruiser. During all previous events, the game gave me the option to claim the prize with a character I chose after gaining all necessary event progress. The option to claim the prize is typically located at the bottom right of the event screen. I can still see a picture of the prize with a description of it, but the option to claim it never appeared. It did not give me the option to claim the ship for any character. My only option is to reclaim the ship with the character that I completed the final event progress with, which is not the character that I want it for. I never claimed it for this character as it never gave me the option. It was as if the game registered me obtaining the final event progress as claiming the ship.

There was no error message as it did not give me the option to claim it in the first place (again, it is only letting me RECLAIM it with the character I obtained the last event progress with). Logging out and in did not make a difference as the issue had already taken place in game.


  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 2,840 Arc User
    If you can RECLAIM it on that character, go ahead and reclaim it.
    You should also be able to reclaim it on all other characters on your account because it is an Account Unlocked ship.
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