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Enviroment Suits now have a separate slot next to the Body Armour slot! Tribble server



  • crypticarmsmancrypticarmsman Member Posts: 4,070 Arc User
    edited November 2021
    westmetals wrote: »
    skk1701j wrote: »
    They removed the free ones. I checked “Boldly They Rode”, “The Power Source”, “Tenebris Torquent”.
    Especially they had different visuals.


    Everyone has an EV suit by default now -- it has no stats, but always available -- but I don't get why they would remove the free ones beyond it being the simplest way of 'cleaning up' those missions to be compatible with the new EV system -- just rip all that out. The cannon approach instead of the scalpel. And the free ones had unique visuals, too.

    unless they made the ones you get by the admiral's office free, where doers an FTP person get one if they removed them from the episodes?

    also I did not check if when you switch do the boffs switch? that's the only real benefit

    The ones at ESD did not become free.

    You can (as I noted above) get some via the Nukara reputation.

    Also... did they remove the suits from "Step between Stars"?

    If you're an LTS you can get all the 'free' (in quotes because hay, LTS costs a lot ;)) EV suits you want from a Console outside and to the right of Quinn's Office (as you exit it) at ESD/ From a Console in the KDF City Barracks Area.
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