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halloween nightmare?



  • mithrosnomoremithrosnomore Member Posts: 378 Arc User
    ,,, The other problem is that with the extreme visual spam it is often difficult to tell when you have been phase shifted (that same spam often makes it impossible to tell whether a skeleton is on a light circle or not, which skeleton you are even shooting at, or at its worst whether the player is on a circle or not).

    I wonder if their analytics didn't tell them that consoles/items/modules with super-flashy graphics sold better.

    I was absolutely blinded in a run, well, yesterday now because of all the spammy visuals going off around me.

    You work to pull some skeletons to you and then someone sets off something that prevents you from seeing anything.
    Are the candles still lit? Is the skeleton I am shooting in the circle? Are any skeletons in any circles that I could shoot?

    Don't know. Can't see.
  • alcyoneserenealcyoneserene Member Posts: 2,412 Arc User
    galatt wrote: »
    Third time and I still don't know how to target the devices in the final battle. I try clicking on the rings but nothing happens. Can someone please explain?

    Wait until you are made 'phased' then check up the left and right stairs, and ground level below near the stairs on the right for 3 spots where a lever gets highlighted while phased. Toggle it, then shoot the boss while it's vulnerable. This bugged out one time for me and we never got the ability to toggle any, ever, so had to quit that run.
    I've shifted from "I dont ever want to do this mission again" to "I'll finish the event up to the reward, but dont expect me to do extra days for dilithium".

    Same. This mission is very prone to drag on due to players who can deliberately jam it easily.

    Devs: Provide the option to Turn OFF full screen flashes from enemy ship explosions
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  • postagepaidpostagepaid Member Posts: 2,899 Arc User
    Mindless carnage suits the endless cycle of events with zero downtime between each one, people just want to go in and get them done. Especially when there's no alternatives on offer.

    This TFO would have worked better as either being a non event one or as a mission, although the split party section wouldn't work in a solo setting unless it was somehow randomised between each run.

    Design wise its another example of throwing ideas at a wall and picking off the ones that stuck. There's no real attempt to explain why there's skeletons and witches somehow aligned with dividians other than they look ghosty.

    Bonnykin audio was another thrown in piece with no context since we never met the hologram in any way and the use of the audio clip doesn't relate to the act of walking down a corridor to slaughter some aliens. It was spooky in the drozana episode because of the setting and context not because it was thrown in for the hell of it.

    End boss always seems to takes ages and my theory is that there's so much visual keech that some players simply can't see what the hell is going on. Shows the now standard level of minimal playtesting is still in effect.
  • johnzacharygreyjohnzacharygrey Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Pugging this was a mess. Puggies charging skeletons outside of light and not noticing immune, immune, immune?
    Lot of effort for crud reward. Getting that t6 terran ship last month was less effort. I doubt I will actually play this one through for rewards.

    This should have been a ground patrol mission or a simple pew pew pew TFO.
  • postagepaidpostagepaid Member Posts: 2,899 Arc User
    It's worse on console for sure since things like tacs security gimps seem to be on the auto use list. And thats on top of the massive reticle that targets every single friendly thing within a 60 degree cone rather than the enemy you think might be in front of you but can't see because some moron is using an ability that fills the entire room with eye melting white or yellow so you're working off damage floaters to figure out where the target might be.
  • nixie50nixie50 Member Posts: 1,237 Arc User
    spiritborn wrote: »
    nixie50 wrote: »
    I also seem to be wearing a sign that says repeatedly turn me into a Cat.

    same here, I guess the game found out I play a black haired Miqo'te in FF14 and thought I wanted to be a black cat all the time.

    As for the puzzles (if you can even call them that), they're not too bad unless you got a troll in the group who is failing them intentionally to TRIBBLE up with the group and even then it's pretty easy to counter that.

    yup. my partner in the library is intentionally an idiot, every time
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  • wraithmeisterwraithmeister Member Posts: 385 Arc User
    jslyn wrote: »
    I do like that the Ghostbuster Proton Gun works quite well here.

    If you use the proton gun, remember, "Don't cross the streams!"

  • sheldonlcoopersheldonlcooper Member Posts: 4,042 Arc User
    I give pretty good credit to our players. It's gotten down to about 12 minutes now. The skeletons for me are still a bit annoying because one or two will get caught somewhere and take a while to get out.

    I will say though that I really enjoy being turned into a cat - which I pretty much am the whole time in that room. Kind of worth it just for that. Excited to see if the vrex will turn into a cat.
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  • nixie50nixie50 Member Posts: 1,237 Arc User
    maybe the Vrex will eat the cat, er you. Respawn!
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  • crm14916crm14916 Member Posts: 1,506 Arc User
    Stupid question: what is this proton gun being referred to?
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  • questeriusquesterius Member Posts: 8,214 Arc User
    edited October 2021
    crm14916 wrote: »
    Stupid question: what is this proton gun being referred to?


    It's a nice weapon.

    Prior to the introduction of various weapons dealing physical damage/shield penetrating damage this was an often used weapon against the Borg because it actually has two different damage types in its two fire modes (antiproton/proton) which delayed borg adaptation.

    It has gone a bit out of fashion, but it can still do a smashing job.

    Edit: It is a mission reward from this mission which also has devidians.
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