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Ship Prefix Options

I know some ships allow for an omission of the name prefix (USS, ISS, etc), but wouldn't it be something if ALL ships could have that ability? Having my S31 cruiser with the name "USS NCIA-93" seems...odd. Just a thought.
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  • vetteguy904vetteguy904 Member Posts: 3,270 Arc User
    edited September 30
    I wish we could customize the prefix. Honor Harrington's ship needs to be HMS Fearless, not USS Fearless

  • nommo#5819 nommo Member Posts: 1,054 Arc User
    I think it would've been awesome, & a missed opportunity, for that previous Legendary bundle that included a B'rel to have the H.M.S prefix but I still feel like Cryptic did that B'rel dirty.
  • mithrosnomoremithrosnomore Member Posts: 323 Arc User
    Maybe they could sell some prefixes, including an option not to have one on any ship.

    But the prefix bundle and any ship could be the "H.M.S. Whatever" or the "So-And-So" with no prefix at all.

    And those are just two examples. If it's available for some ship then the bundle would make it available for all. Everyone could fly an "I.S.S. Something-Or-Other" even if they don't actually use or even own a mirror ship.

    The only restriction would be on proper faction ships. Fed captains couldn't fly a ship with a Klink or Rommie prefix, for example.
  • vorwodavorwoda Member Posts: 669 Arc User
    H.M.S. , I.S.S., and None would be great options for all, and I.R.W. for all Romulan ships.

    Then again, just having the None option be universal would allow you whatever customization option you want, as you can put prefix letters as part of the regular ship name. My Gorn pirate's stolen Orion Marauder has a G.H.S. (for Gorn Hegemony Ship) prefix via that technique.

    And shuttlecraft should allow the NCC-xxxx/x style number, a la the Galileo's NCC-1701/7. That's actually a canon shuttle number style, but currently not possible, because only the regular starship style number style is allowed.
  • keepcalmchiveonkeepcalmchiveon Member Posts: 3,314 Arc User
    i think with cross faction flying the prefixes should be universal as well. make it so.

  • paradox#7391 paradox Member Posts: 1,128 Arc User
    By the why do Vulcan ships and Voth ships have the same prefix? As far as I know VSS stands for Vulcan StarShip.
  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 3,744 Arc User
    edited October 2
    There have been threads on this before, and unfortunately alternate prefixes have to be explicitly typed into the database entry for the ship in order to select them. The None entry would be great as a universal though since all the factions shipyards are selling some of their ships to the other factions as part of the Alliance.

    Also it would be great for crosstime characters or others who act as a sort of exchange or contract unit, for instance several of my Romulan captain's ships should use the ChR prefix (my first STO captain was a crosstimer, a character from a paper-and-dice Star Trek campaign set in a slightly different universe, and her ship should be "ChR Mos'Ihhueindet" instead of "RRW Mos'Ihhueindet" for instance).

    Another example is most of my KDF characters are Orion and consider themselves Orion spacenavy rather than Klingon and operate out of Drozanna, Nimbus, or sometimes DS9 instead of Qo'nos though they take assignments from the KDF command structure. It would be good to be able to use OSS (or OFS, OCS or OC for the non-syndicate faction ships, prefixes the game lacks entirely) for whatever they fly regardless of which faction the ship was built by.
  • marty123#3757 marty123 Member Posts: 666 Arc User
    I would pay for a HMS prefix like you used to (still do?) get it the ISS prefix for all ships in the c-store.
  • angrytargangrytarg Member Posts: 10,622 Arc User
    "None" should be universal, either account unlock via c-store or character unlock via dil. Just like a bunch of other ship customization options, like computer voice, alert klaxons, UI styles...
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