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Why can i not change from xbox to pc what the issue i would like to change as i am getting rid of my xbox


  • knightmare#8708 knightmare Member Posts: 128 Arc User
    It's a totally difference platform, both format and game content. The way items and achievements, story progression, ships and configurations are stored data-wise is very different, even the the gameplay is different on console to PC. In order to transfer your character, they would have to manually create the character on PC then dive deep into the code to manually copy out all the data pertaining to skills, items, levels, ships, accolades, payments made and completed, progression etc and enter them in manually for each char onto the PC server. This could take days if not weeks of a developer's valuable time. It just is not feasible in time or money to do such a transfer.

    It maybe that in the future they may write a program for transferring chars between platforms, but I can only see this happening if they decide to shut down console play and allow players to transfer to PC, but even then this would be a huge project to undertake and I'm not sure they would even offer that even if they did shutdown console play.

    It isn't as simple as just copying the file over, the file structure is very different to that of PC, why do you think it takes over a month for new content to appear on Console after it has gone live on PC?. As much as many may like the ability to transfer chars to PC it is just not an easy process to do.
  • leemwatsonleemwatson Member Posts: 4,429 Arc User
    I'll add that the Lifetime subscription makes this option 'unfair'. On consoles you can grind it for free AND it's in the Zen store, whilst you can do neither on PC as it is only available as a cash purchase, and the Console LTS doesn't get the Zen Stipend, which is why it's also alot cheaper on Console.

    Game content is also behind on Console, as mentioned.

    So whilst PC and Consoles can have the same linked Arc account, the different platform accounts are kept seperate to each other.
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