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NEW TFO released today 9/15/2021 [Operation: Wolf] FREEZING and CRASHING (yes in that order...)

silenced26silenced26 Member Posts: 6 Arc User
The NEW release patch today 9/15/2021 seemed to address a lot of issues in the release notes while I was reading them. I allowed the game to update and then logged on an hour later. I queued up for the one of the NEW TFO [Operation: Wolf] and not exactly surprising, the game froze and crashed twice already. I decided to make the game Windowed and turn all the graphics down to the lowest they can go which is fine because I can still play and still see everything. I tried all the other older TFO's and they are working just fine. The release notes claimed to have fixed crashing issues but why am I still getting frozen out of the game and then the little Cryptic window pops up telling me its reported the issue and to click the green reload button. Can someone please address this and possibly fix this cause there's no point in me taking advantage of the Events if I cant even play them.
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