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Problems with lifetime

toraknutoraknu Member Posts: 78 Arc User
gentleman (and shure all other forms of life to...)

i place here a mail from one member of the german sto forum wich is AUOMATIC TRANSLATET
so pls show some mercy to the translation engine..... maybee you can help him
thx and greetings toraknu
Good morning,
I was asked by support to describe my problem from the ticket here in the forum. Since I can't open posts in the English forum (what's the reason for that anyway?) I'll open a post here.

After purchasing the subscription, I noticed that for almost all of my characters, unlocks for slots did not work.

- Character Mr. J had 108 inventory slots before the subscription and did not receive any new slots. The bank slots also stayed at 156 and did not change.
- Character Talla had 108 inventory slots that did not change. Bank slots remained at 132 and did not receive any new slots.
- Character Nilani has the same as Talla and also no new slots.
- Character Gorath has the same as Talla, also with no new slots.
- Character Virax'an had 102 inventory slots, which changed to 108, but according to the lifetime subscription info, the character was supposed to get 30 bonus inventory slots each. The bank slots changed from 120 to 132 for this character.
- My new character Varok went from 120 to 156 inventory slots and from 96 bank slots to 168.
- The account bank slots were 20 before subscription and did not receive any new slots, website says it should receive 20 additional slots.

What is noticeable here is that the unlock worked fine for the new character Varok (was created for Delta Recruitment) and not for the old characters.

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  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 7,554 Arc User
    I believe the extra slots are awarded periodically as you level up. Characters that were already at an advanced level may have missed them due to already being above the trigger levels.
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