BUG: Console - Plasma Storm Module conflicts with the Weyoun (Hologram) boff

ghostbottle#7985 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
When you equip the https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Console_-_Universal_-_Plasma_Storm_Module and assign the Weyoun (Hologram) from https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Holographic_Deep_Space_Nine_Bridge_Officers to a station, the boffs Astrophysicist space trait +science skills do not apply.

When you log in with a character with both things equipped, a centered pop-up message says "Cannot equip any more of this item".

If anyone has a Spock (Hologram) boff from https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/TOS_Holographic_Bridge_Officers and a Plasma Storm Module, please post your findings. Thank you.