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Measure of Morality Part 1 and 2 Seven and Michael not moving/fighting still present for months.

joanne79joanne79 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
Already submitted an in-game bug report and was also told to post it here. https://support.arcgames.com/attachments/token/sBqyhaKMAUD90b0s9EkFGiKQt/?name=C:/Program+Files+(x86)/Star+Trek+Online_En/Star+Trek+Online/Live/screenshots/tempss.jpg

This bug has been going on for many months and it is affecting gameplay for myself and other players, because we can only bring 1 BOff down with us it is hard to complete this mission without dying many times because Seven and Michael are not moving and helping us fight.

Measure of Morality Part 1:
When running from Excalbia to the first trial portal, only Michael is seen following me but Seven stays in her position not moving.

Then comes the first trial which is on Brea III. As shown in here Seven and Michael are jus remaining there and not following me. This leaves me and my 1 BOff to fight many enemies (Tal Shiar and Heralds) ourselves, even with the later addition of Obisek, not having a full away team because Seven and Michael not moving is very hard to get through and I would die many times.

The next trial on the Annorax, Seven still remains on Excalbia while Michael follows and helps to fight, slightly better but I do hope Seven can be fixed. This is the same with Essof IV's trial where only Michael follows and no Seven, its hard to defeat Control since the Future Burnham doesn't shoot.

Measure of Morality Part 2:
This mission is slightly better but it still needs fixing as Seven stil remains on Excalbia while Michael follows me to Iconia for the next trial. However, once the Iconia trial is finished and my character enters the iconian gateway to the Borg facility, Seven beams in and she and Michael follow and help me fight the Borg which is much better and normal and I don't die because there is a full away team.

This bug has been going on for many months since last year November/December until now, so running this mission on Klingon and Delta recruits have been troublesome because of the lack of a full away team due to Seven and Michael not moving, not helping and because we can only bring 1 BOff against many swarms of enemies, so I hope it can be resolved, thank you very much for your time and effort in this game Devs.
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