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Adding new BOFF changes First Officer BOFF visual

So I added a Human Science Officer (Very rare) to my bridge officers last night. Changed her look and everything and promoted her to Commander. Now my "first officer" (the character Elisa Flores that joins your crew right after you take command in game) now looks exactly like this new Bridge Officer I added and it won't go back to how she used to look. And, in the tailor customizing at Spacedock my first officer now has this new bridge officer's name as well. I deleted the added Bridge Officer from my roster but my first officer still looks like this new character I created and her name is different in the tailor customizer at Spacedock.


  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 1,609 Arc User
    One way to work-around what's happened and restore Flores back to her original look, would be to create a new Fed character.
    Now, on PC, it's possible to save the appearance of a Bridge Officer and load that appearance, but on console, the best we can do is in the Tailor, take screenshots/photographs of the settings, sliders and colour options for Flores and then go back and re-apply those to the broken version of her.
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  • darkstar#8047 darkstar Member Posts: 178 Arc User
    Isn't it possible to dismiss Flores and get her back again. I though I saw a post mention that you could get your original first officers back again even after dismissing them, but I forget where I saw it.
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