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15% Key Sale, and Keyring Bundle!

ambassadorkael#6946 ambassadorkael Member, Administrator Posts: 2,285 Community Manager
Save 15% on Keys, and get your hands on the Keyring Bundle, starting today! You can use these keys on the updated Infinity Lock Box, for a chance at the Jovian Raider!



  • foppotee#4552 foppotee Member Posts: 1,702 Arc User
    Was hoping for a Item/Services sale to help-out any player(s) that were wanting to optimize all 3 Delta Reruits & might be shy a character slot or 2.

    But a Key sale makes sense too since Cryptic prefers the gambling & to coincide with the release of that Jovian Heavy Intel Raider.
  • kellmg96#5851 kellmg96 Member Posts: 644 Arc User
    edited May 5
    wrong post.
    Glory to you, and T6 Novas to your House, QAPLA'!
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