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Stuck on Tutorial: Chartering Crew

So i'm at this point in the tutorial and can't progress any further:


I do have the holo Leeta and Bashir BOffs.


  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 1,919 Arc User
    The Personnel Officer you are talking to will indeed help you with Duty Officers, but not Bridge Officers.
    Since you skipped the main tutorial, you first had to report to the Administrator (or whatever he's called) in the offices just to the right when you enter the Main Building at the Academy.
    The person you can speak to about your Bridge Officers is just outside that office, next to the uniform tailor.
    Basically, if you go to the mail, bank and exchange access personnel in the main academy building, then turn right, there's a whole other row of personnel that can help you. One of those, will give you the Bridge Officers you seek. The location will be highlighted on the map & mini-map.
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  • mystarlite#1876 mystarlite Member Posts: 93 Arc User
    Ohhh, so it's not where i go to reclaim Elisa. Thankies!
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