Item's reverting back after upgrading.

Several Months ago I had used an Ultimate Upgrade on a Beam Array. When I was switching My Weapons from 1 Ship to another I noticed that when I went to equip it on the new Ship I couldn't see it. I thought I had somehow lost it however upon going through each item I realise that the Beam Array had reverted back to a Level XII item. I figured Glitches happen and proceeded to use another Ultimate Tech Upgrade to get it back to where it was. Then the Double Upgrade Wkend happened & I thought great I'll take advantage & upgrade My new Phase Pistol 22c. So I used a Phoenix Tech Upgrade to get it to Lv XV. I'd have liked an Epic but wanted to save My Ultimates. I then had to switch Weapons so I unequipped My Phase Pistol (Endeavour thing.) When I was done I wanted to use it again so went to find it. Only to experience the same dread. Had I deleted it? As I couldn't see a Lv XV Weapon. So once again went through each Weapon only to discover that like My Beam Array it had reverted back to a Level XII. This time I wasn't just going to shrug it off. So submitted a formal Tech Support ticket. Thankfully they are going to return My lost Phoenix Upgrade. If you are wondering I did specifically ask them not to bother about the Ultimate. Glitches happen I accept that. However I have to submit this. So I am.