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Stuck in Event

pentarspentars Member Posts: 16 Arc User
Per Request #404202
Tried to do the Tholian Alert Friday (I think) and was kicked from the queue. I tried to do another but all the Tabs are greyed out. And the Tholian Tab reads "Leave TFO". I cannot queue for any other TFOS or any more Alerts. This has been like this for a couple days now.

I am the Fleet Owner of "-AFC- Rogues" which is part of a large active Armada. However, I am unable to join teams to do Alerts or TFOs. This is really hurting me as a player and Fleet Owner. Not to mention I'm missing out of the extra Dill.

Is this going to persist during the upcoming New Anniversary Event?
Please Help

[email protected]
-AFC- Rogues
-AFC- Armada

I fly with my tailgate down.
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