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11th Anniversary Ship?



  • mattingly1mattingly1 Member Posts: 206 Arc User
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    Being a Klingon-Romulan design I'm curious if it will use a warp core or a singularity core.

    I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess singularity.
    p331 wrote: »
    Being a Klingon-Romulan design I'm curious if it will use a warp core or a singularity core.

    Probably a singularity core, to help differentiate it from the typical Klingon Bird-of-Prey raider. :)

    I just don't think Singularity Cores are worth the extra effort to boost their deficient power levels anymore when compared to Warp Cores & even the added abilities Singularities provide, but I'm probably setting-up my Singularity Core build incorrectly. If it ends-up being Singularity I probably won't use it.

    No, you are correct in the assessment that singularities are inferior to cores. Those added abilities are ones you almost NEVER use because the special abilities of many cores are tied to having charges of it. It recharges really slowly with a long cooldown...for losing 40 power, the singularity abilities are not worth it.

    As for the anni ship...what part of that is Romulan design?!? No seriously. The big giant wing cannons? Nope, that is Klingon. Wings? while Romulan ships do use wings...so does Klingon ones...so...nope there. The thick neck? Nope, Romulan ships that has necks are thin and slender. The big hammer head? Yeah...so much nope.

    IMO, it just looks like a reimagined bird of prey in flight mode. I guess you could argue that the nacelles are sort of Romulan in design, but there's nothing particularly distinct about them (especially since the Romulans seem to use a different nacelle design on every different ship).

    They least they could have done is made the thing grey and green, but - nope! The color isn't Klingon, of course, but it certainly doesn't harken to Romulans, either.

    The color scheme is *Khitomer Alliance*. That's why it's not green or grey -- the ship isn't Romulan or Klingon.

    Funny how that's now the Alliance paint scheme, when the Khitomer was brown and whitish grey - a clear nod to the Federation and Klingon Empire.

    Seems to me that the Khitomer Alliance's aesthetic changes to suit the mood of whatever artist is designing a given ship. In this case, they missed the mark. Black and white is ugly. It might as well be christened the AFS Spacecow.
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