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Admiral Kererek uses J'mpok voice for Lost Dominion

archbetharchbeth Member Posts: 34 Arc User
The email tech support says this has been sent to devs, but I should add it on the forums. Maybe to see if I'm the only one Kererek hates enough to use a cut-rate holo-recording to assign me stuff.

As I told Support:
Admiral Kererek wants to give me the Lost Dominion mission. But when I click it, I've got Klingon J'mpok's voice reading the lines while poor Kererek's lips move.

Restarted the game, dropped the mission, re-hailed Kererek for Lost Dominion, & he's still reading the lines displayed (they match the spoken words precisely) with J'mpok's voice.

I mean, my character only has a junker ship 'cause a Starfleet friend mad "diplomacy" noises, but I didn't expect the NPCs to read her bio!!
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