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Klingon Ice Fishing In Winter Event Not Providing Rewards

burnhamquinn#8863 burnhamquinn Member Posts: 6 Arc User
edited December 2020 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
In the Winter Event, the Klingon Ice Fishing hasn't been providing the appropriate rewards. Specifically, you go in and complete the whole Klingon Ice Fishing game, and at the end, where usually there would be popups showing a set number of varied holiday items that get rewarded after each game (the items which get traded for the holiday store items), its not doing that. The timer on the Klingon Ice Fishing times out, and no end of game rewards are issued. This has happened multiple times since the Winter Event started this year, and consistently too. I voiced this concern initially in the Ten Forward Weekly Twitch stream under the Twitch username QuantumSerpent, and Kael asked me to post more about it here in forum. In case it is needed, Star Trek Online account username is harsamp34#5870
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