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Coliseum has voiceover of Slamek where he interrupts himself in the cave cutscene and other bugs.

sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 3,556 Arc User
edited December 2020 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Dear Cryptic,

Firstly, while playing the mission Coliseum on my Discovery character, I found some serious overlapping of Slamek's voiceover with his own VO in the cave cutscene. Secondly, one of the dialog options in the cage sequence where you are trying to convince Slamek to trust you is missing audio on the last sentence at the end (I will replay it to see if I am correct about this and when exactly it appears). Thirdly, getting to the gateway and other consoles while trying to escape the Arena there is one place where there is no VO from Slamek at all before you disable the dampening field. The dialog is: "A Romulan base? Here? What did they want with us? And what is that device?" Finally, you have to jump to the drainpipe and quickly click or press F when you get the interact button otherwise it does not work. It used to be that you could climb to the drainpipe, stay put, and then interact to leave the Romulan base. I pointed out the most important bug first as well as other bugs related to this mission. Please fix. Sent through in-game bug reports on Dec 4, 2020. Thanks. :)
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