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Impossible to buy any BOFFs (bridge officers) from the Exchange

This is long time problem for me since I play this game for about a year now. I didn't bother to report it at the beginning as I heard that no one from Dev team would read this bug report at all. I decided to report it now since I have enough of this bug for a year now.

This bug is that it won't allow me to purchase any BOFF/bridge officer from the Exchange at all. I kept getting message "Unable to make purchase. please try again later". I tried that suggestion several times per day in past few days and I have enough of it.

I could buy anything from the Exchange easily and instantly except for BOff. I don't understand this at all. Why advertising BOffs on The exchange if Arc has no intention to fix this bug? Is it Arc's method to make us players to pay for BOFFs from their stores or what?

Just to confirm that rarity/tier (white,green,blue, purprle etc) of BOff doesn't matter at all, as it is just impossible to buy any BOffs from the Exchange.

Developers, Please fix it!


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