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The House Always Wins fails in a party on Forcas III

goldenavarielgoldenavariel Member Posts: 108 Arc User
After beaming down to Forcas III as a 5-man team we go into the bar and everyone starts talking to bar patrons. We all talked to 1-3 patrons before all of them stopped talking to us (they each only allow one person to talk to them) but no one's mission objective changed from "Question Bar Patrons".

We did that mission before the update just last month (they are brand new Klingon characters) and I, the team leader, didn't talk to any of the patrons that time but it still worked.

We went ahead and went back to our real next mission (Frozen) and left that one open. We'll continue or start it over later if it gets a patch or we hear of a work-around (aside from playing it solo). Maybe everyone should synchronize talking to the same guy until everyone talks to enough patrons? I don't know but we weren't in the mood to start the mission over and experiment with it.

We did like the changes we saw up to that time.
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