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Featured Event: Defense of Pahvo Buyout does not work and produces an empty screen

wishiwazherewishiwazhere Member Posts: 2 Arc User
When I go to buy out this event I am met with a black screen and it does not proceed to allow me to complete my purchase. Unfortunate and frustrating as it was the only event I had remaining to buyout to get my campaign reward. It was confirmed by a GM that this is a bug and I was asked to submit this ticket here. Please help in getting this fixed quickly.


  • sgtfloydpepper#7911 sgtfloydpepper Member Posts: 1,091 Arc User
    This event isn't even active on PC. It's long over.
  • forthegamerforthegamer Member Posts: 177 Arc User
    Pavho may not be active, but the Event campaign screen still lists it as being able to be bought. As I too, apparently didn't finish that one (dammit). So it is either a bug that the buyout screen is still there or considering the event needs you to have all events completed to get the reward, it should still be able to be bought out (maybe no rewards, just progression).
  • wishiwazherewishiwazhere Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Is there any way to get an ETA on this bug? There has to be a good amount of people that can't complete their campaign due to this type of issue.
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