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Event Bonus Reward

bunbun299bunbun299 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
Pretty much every day that the To Hell With Honor event was going on, I logged in on one of my Captains, and played the TFO for the extra Dilithium. Usually doing it as the Captain currently lowest on Dilithium. The last 2 days of the event, Monday June 22 and Tuesday June 23, I did not get that big Dilithium reward. That is, until I looked more closely at the inventory of the Captain I played it on, and found 2 "Event Bonus Reward" boxes sitting in my inventory. I am unable to open them or delete them. They're just stuck in my inventory, taking up space. When I click on them, I get the options Use, More Details...., and Toggle Protected Status. Though these don't seem to work. More Details.... does bring up more description, but it's not helpful.

The Captain's name: Nanira

Gamer Tag: Bun Bun299

Joined Trill female, KDF Tactical, just in case this information is in anyway relevant.

I'd like to cash these boxes in for the Dilithium I earned. Or failing that, at least remove them from the inventory.
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