Assimilation episode bugged.

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I got to the end of the episode Assimilation, killed the undine and all the borg.
went up to the top of the platform to take care of the last element of the game and it wasnt there, couldnt complete the mission, was forced to abandon 25 minutes of work on the mission due to this bug. I took a look at another players walk thru on this mission, It would appear that the object that is supposed to be there is actually in the floor. The top of the object is actually sticking out of the floor, but it does not allow you to access the interactive window being that most of it is under the floor.
I do not have the ability to post pictures because they cannot be posted directly to the forums.
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    I can't even get that far, the 1st of the 3 Borg Devices in the Guinea Pigs segment isn't visible/tagretable. Not as bad as getting to the end I guess.
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    Same thing, the 1st device wasn't visible/targetable, but I got the other two without any problems. I think the device might be a node on the ceiling, but it's not targetable. Filed a bug report, but if this goes like the bug with "Afterlife", my character might be stuck unable to progress for a looooooonnnnng time--which is annoying.

    ETA: Okay, I've figured it out. What you have to do is be very careful not to destroy the first node until after your science officer or whoever else does their exposition. If you blow it up first, the mission bugs. I set my people up at rally points where they couldn't see the node and then kited the borg to where they waited in ambush. After you clear out the borg, then clear the rally points so that your people can move freely and then proceed towards the undine and the node. Your officer should then make their spiel and you can then take out the node. But DON'T do it until after the officer says their piece.
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