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undine infiltration need a serious fix

sennahcheribsennahcherib Member Posts: 2,823 Arc User
I got an afk penalty for playing the tfo, "questionning the bajoran, extinguish the fires", I didn't have the time to reach the last cave than the boss was killed.
the boss was killed by 2 players, and the others (include me) got the penalty.
there were prerequisites before; it was impossible to fight the first boss without the others etc. If you can't fix this tfo, remove it. it is a paradise for trolls.

btw, it is the same thing, bosses are too weak. (killed in a couple of seconds); all the optional tasks should be modify to be mandatory tasks in all the tfos.


  • sci321sci321 Member Posts: 150 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    Wow. Somebody really got hit with bad luck when it came to PUG-ing this TFO. Also, making ALL optionals required would be disastrous for Undine Infiltration unless Cryptic made it way easier to identify the infiltrators.
  • rattler2rattler2 Member Posts: 54,855 Community Moderator
    Not only that, there was a time when the fires couldn't be put out because no one could pick up an extinguisher.

    Something weird is going on if someone was able to go that far ahead of everyone. I don't agree on making optionals required, and again its an issue of power creep.

    Honestly sounds more like this one might just be broken and needs the bug team to look at it, because you shouldn't be able to go after the final boss while you're questioning the locals. You have required steps outside the optionals that are in the way, including actually chasing the Undine into the caves, setting up a nanite bomb in the right place...
    Yea... sounds like this one is bugged more than its too easy and needs a buff.
    I can't take it anymore! Could everyone just chill out for two seconds before something CRAZY happens again?!
    The nut who actually ground out a Delta Pack, Temporal Pack, and Gamma Pack
    The resident forum voice of reason (I HAZ FORUM REP! YAY!)
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