2019 Starbase Holiday Ornament

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My fleet purchased the 2019 Starbase Holiday Ornament. I just checked to see if it was working properly and it is not.
There is a malfunction on the starbase control console for the ornaments.
It is showing the 2019 ornament in the starbase with 0 controls on the console for the 2019 and I cannot get the 2018 ornament to show up at all.
When I try to turn off the ornaments, the 2019 ornament remains displayed and the 2018 ornament lights up to be activated but does not work.
? shouldnt there be a button for the 2019 so that you can turn it on if you want it on instead of it being permanent?
I am going to go under the opinion that the Klingon side is likely also broke but I did not actually check that one yet.
The only selections showing up on the console is that of the 2018 ornament and the option to turn the decorations off.

I tried to search for a thread for this but was unable to find one so I made one, if there is another please merge, Thanks.


  • protoneous
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    Confirmed (Fed fleet).

    It seems like certain fleet issues aren't being tended to atm. KDF beam out point no longer on transporter pad, number of fleet items remaining not properly displayed, projects in fleet UI not always slotting correctly or not showing project progress until additional input...

    Now we have mixed dates combined with one ship giving birth to another.