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Missing Item from Breast Cancer Awareness Pack Bug Report

Character [email protected]: [email protected]#1876
Specific name of missing item: Outfit Box: Pink Ribbon I believe is the name for it.
Approximate date and time of purchase: 1754h EST Oct. 31 2019 from groupees; about 1740h EST Nov. 1 2019 I redeemed from the C-Store. Could be a bit before as I sent a message at 1746h EST asking my friend who I bought this pack for where the items were. She said it should have shown up with the vanity shield and caracal, both of which i received. May be closer to 1730 as i was looking around trying to find all the things i redeemed.


  • predconpredcon Member Posts: 477 Arc User
    The ribbon appears as an option under Badge only for the "regulation" uniform tops. Odyssey, Antares, Sierra, etc. If it's not a Starfleet/KDF regulation uniform, it won't show up.
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