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Needing Disco Engineering Boff or Wanting reason why there isn't one.

With every update for the Disco arc, I've been hoping for a Engineer with that Disco tag. We've got 2 tactical officers, 2 science (one free, one from the C-store) but only one engineer. I have to fill any secondary engineer spots with a non-disco slot and it just feels off.

This disco expansion's been around for almost a full year now, and you're stuck with only the original 5 boffs. Even AoY had additional (albeit not necessarily good) boffs that you could get before you left the 23rd century. Jem'hadar had additional Jem boffs through the C-Store, and the romulans even had them... but alas the Disco captain must do with a "combo-breaker" boff from some other faction.

I would love some Boff that somehow escaped my notice, or a comment from someone more in the know, as to why there's a lack of a secondary engineer. hell, i'd settle for the game admins to give me a copy of the green one from the tutorial, Tamav. heck, I'd even pay 500 zen for a copy of him, which is the going price for the one off C-store boffs if the game dev gods took mercy on me.


  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 3,003 Arc User
    What's special about Discovery BOffs? If it's just look that's off, you can change the uniform the non-Discovery BOff is wearing to be a Discovery uniform.
  • protoneousprotoneous Member Posts: 1,223 Arc User
    I think it's the Discovery themed badge (tag) to the left of the boff's name. It's not so much a uniform thing but more immersion related.

    Bring back the Borg invasion of ESD for STO's 10th Anniversay!
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