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Covert Assault Drone Kit Module Broken

andorianblueandorianblue Member Posts: 88 Arc User
The past couple days I've noticed that the Universal Kit Module - Covert Assault Drone from the Section 31 lockbox doesn't appear to be working properly. It's supposed to remain active for 20 seconds and fire whenever the player fires their weapon, but since the last patch (pretty sure that's when it started) it seems to work correctly for only a couple seconds, stops working, and then goes into its normal cooldown.

I've noticed this happen on multiple ground TFOs, the Dyson ground battlezone, and Nimbus III so I assume it'll happen on any ground map. I use this kit module on two Fed engineer toons (one is a Discovery Fed), both are experiencing this bug.

Anyone else noticing this or is it just me?


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