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Unlocked Jem'hadar vanguard Carrier But Can't Claim From C-Store

eonlyteeonlyte Member Posts: 1 Arc User
Hi I have junlocked Tier IV Mastery of my Jem'Hadar Carrier and wanted to claim for my other characters but its Greyed out on C-Store.

Character Unlocked : Kurso'[email protected]


  • bjornfriedbjornfried Member Posts: 394 Arc User
    Same here. And googling it i found out. Its basically a "Day 1 " bug. What the hell Cryptic?

  • doctorstegidoctorstegi Member Posts: 401 Arc User
    bjornfried wrote: »
    Same here. And googling it i found out. Its basically a "Day 1 " bug. What the hell Cryptic?

    I can confirm its a Day 1 bug i had the issue back then. Then they fixed it with a patch and 2 weeks later or so it was back cause one of my fleet mates couldn't claim his ship. He couldn't claim this ship on none jem'hadar characters since at least 8 months or so. He wrote tickets and all he got was 1000 zen and false promise that it will be fixed soon. So yeah that this bug is still around is a joke and shows how well they work on bug fixes.
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  • arkman07#6171 arkman07 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    I'm having an issue where I can claim the ship but then it turns into a doff symbol in the inventory and says I dont meet requirements for the item. Clearly I do as I have maxed out the mastery and can claim the ship but just cant commission the ship. Weird.
  • mrotshamrotsha Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Ok i was about to buy this during the sale but i now see this, is it fixed?? sorry for the bump but i would like to know.
  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 1,146 Arc User
    Aye, it was fixed not long after the bug was reported.
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