Polytrinic Acid Horta (Promo Reclaimable missing from Store)

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As title says, the only hortas i now see, are the ones i have to pay for.
This is the one i claimed across all my accounts, https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/3031013-pre-anniversary-giveaway-day-1

And every account has been affected where i can no longer find this horta that i can claim for free and reclaim if i dismiss it. I have created a support ticket, but thought i should post this so the devs are aware as well.
I'm not sure when this happened as i have recently just come back to the game after having a break for a while. However, when i did come back, i created 2 new characters, one being a Jem'Hadar and the other being a Discovery era toon. The other day, i was going thru the items in the store to claim for my toons, like i do with every toon, and setting up admiralty ships,(kiddin this aint time consuming on 50+ toons lol). Anyway, that was when i noticed the reclaimable horta was missing.
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