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Battle at the Binary Stars - A bit underwhelming.



  • postagepaidpostagepaid Member Posts: 2,872 Arc User
    Starting timegate could have been eased by the way the chat box has a green ready option, everyone selects that and obviously the group is ready, timer jumps to zero and away you go.

    Instead there's the waffle from whatsisface which ends way before the timer unlike for the pre-pod waffle which in fact overruns the timer (BAD/LAZY design) and you're left waiting for something to happen until after the timer expires instead of that first volley being timed to lead into the zero as a more professionally conceived scenario might have been played out.

    Like a race, marks, set & go. Not marks, set & sorry the starter just had to load his pistol be with you in a sec.
  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,523 Arc User
    Tonight was interesting. When I was brought into the Queue it had already started running and I was able to dash up to the Shenzhou to protect it. No silly pre-action wait.
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  • bendalekbendalek Member Posts: 1,781 Arc User
    Lol, I actually had one like that myself. Got spawned in, just as T'Kuvma was making his final couple of speeches, then 'bingo' mission complete :smile: Still got the daily commendation too :wink:
    Oh, hoho hohhhhh, Oh,, hoho, hohhhhh
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Member Posts: 35,231 Arc User
    Had a little bit of fun with it: :D
    My character Tsin'xing
  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 8,088 Community Moderator
    Necro. /Thread
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