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Diplomatic Orders

simonwaterssimonwaters Member Posts: 28 Arc User

Got an issue with my AoD toon.

When I attempt to do the "Diplomatic Orders" mission, I get to Vulcan and up to the mountain top, where I am supposed to speak with the Ambassador's Aide, however, she doesn't talk. The Ambassador himself does her entire dialog (I ran another FED toon to double check without incident) Since I can not speak to the Aide, I can not progress in the mission.

I know others have had this issue. Some have straightened out, but mine will not.

Anything you all can do? Is it because my AoD is a Vulcan? Just want to know what to do and how to fix it. I've tried beaming back to the ship, I've tried dropping the mission and coming back later. Nothing helps. Can you?


  • me88bme88b Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    I'm having the same problem as you, I cant complete the mission because it will not let me speak to anyone else. I just went to the episode and click the skip button for now.
  • easomdarreneasomdarren Member Posts: 15 Arc User
    I also have the same problem myself my Character is Vulcan also but I cannot play the mission I have spoken to the tech support on live chat but the said to check forums but all I know is that it only effects Vulcan characters and some others as well I think it is a internal fix hopefully fixed soon but you never can tell how long it will take my guess at least another maintenance patch tomorrow
  • huachaos#5075 huachaos Member Posts: 48 Arc User
    This is a known issue and they have a fix. The fix just needs to be tested (they talked about it on FB)
  • w00qw00q Member Posts: 121 Arc User
    I've also had this problem, for 2 days now (since AoD started).

    As this is one of the first Klingon Episode Missions, this would leave a very bad impression on players new to STO.
    Please Cryptic fix ASAP, many thanks!
  • w00qw00q Member Posts: 121 Arc User
    STO Patch Notes for Thursday Oct 11th says that this would be resolved ;)
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