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The Brainstorm Thread

In the form of a list, post brief, specific ideas that you think would be reasonably feasible and improve the game. Avoid bugs, things you think are broken or suck, and overly broad topics. Discuss previous posts if you like but try to keep the thread on topic.

* Add account names as a fleet roster column.
* Add space suit functionality to non-Nukara reputation sets.
* Add singularity cores to all things that reward a warp core.
* Add duty officers whose active effects modify reputation item properties and reputation traits.
* Split active reputation traits among ground and space.
* Create rewards for completion of story arcs, especially the longer ones.
* Create an in-game DPS parser capable of presenting a summary at the end of a mission.
* Allow currently front-facing weapons to be rear-mounted, with a similar firing arc penalty.
* Add more mods to crafted or re-engineered weapons, e.g.:
* * [Arc]: increases the firing arc by 50%.
* * [Eff]: decreases the firing cost by 25%.
* * [Surg]: increases the critical hit chance by 25% but reduces the firing rate by 50%.
* * [Tran]: torpedo transport warhead proc.
* Add duty officers whose active effects modify additional specialization skills, like you started to do with Intel and Command.
* Add more duty officer packs in the C-Store.
* Retabulate newly-summoned ships to carry realistic weapon loadouts so that new players don't think DBBs, BAs, cannons, and torpedoes all go on the same ship, and for established players who want a quick ship for leveling or other purposes.
* Alert the player where "Return to Sector Space" will actually take them when leaving fleet holdings.
* Ensure all social facilities have the same NPC contacts.
* Have official Foundry contests in which the winning locations will be adapted to unused social zones such as Vulcan.
* (I know this one is large) Change the tooltip system to an effective analyzer so that item stats are calculated whether or not the player is in space, clean up and standardize the text output, and create a diagram of the various DOFFs, traits, and other modifiers that contribute to an item's stats.
* Allow players to claim an admiralty card rather than a ship.
* Allow players to summon a ship with NO gear on it.
* Revamp the dilithium store, which is rather messy and uninformative.
* Make a single reclaim store that allows players to see and reclaim any items the player would be entitled to whether they have the ship in the yard or not.
* Remove the unique modifier that prevents claiming more than one of an item, in case a player wants to use a unique item on more than one ship (e.g. Agony Phaser Torpedo). Uniqueness should affect where something is equipped, not whether you can get it in your inventory. A sillier example is the Tsunkatse Glove, which can only be claimed if I do not have it equipped on my captain, even though I can use it on as many BOFFs as I want.
* Allow BOFFs to be named for your other captains without shenanigans.
* Make the restrictions on ship names consistent. I can make a ship named "Spock's Brain" even while "Spock" is banned? Illogical.
* Allow for an in-game, account-wide record-keeping system for those who don't feel like loading Google Sheets every time they play as I do.
* (I know this one is large) Investigate restrictions to BOFF outfits and clean up anything you can. Here are a few examples of weirdness:
* * Some character eyeballs are bound to the secondary color of Tsunkatse Gloves.
* * A Romulan BOFF acquired from a KDF character and a Romulan BOFF acquired from a Federation character have different options from each other as well as from Romulan KDF and Romulan Federation captains. None of these options are consistent with, well, pretty much anything.
* * Loading "outfit only" will load the character model with many BOFFs. In some cases this is useful, especially with Aliens and Androids; in many cases it is destructive.
* * When told to load outfits, many BOFFs load only the tops of outfits, while others load only the bottoms, some don't load anything at all, and some just make stuff up.
* * Klingon BOFFs and Liberated Borg Klingon BOFFs have some of the same uniform options, but are missing many things. Why?
* How about some Command, Temporal, Miracle Worker, etc. uniforms or at least components?
* Toggle color matching between outfit items. For example, I may want all my pant colors to match each other, or match the color of my shirt, or NOT to match the color of my shirt. Many of the existing binds are very frustrating.
* Add various currencies to the Currencies UI tab in inventory, e.g. Expertise, Lobi, Zen.
* Repair the Klingon and Romulan default ship names to actually be in Klingon and Romulan, like you generally do for NPC ships of those races.
* Add Klingon and Romulan fonts in selected places, for example in ship names so that interested players may have their ships tagged with supplementary text.
* Allow client-side changing of colors for overhead names (I am NOT proposing players be able to color their names to other players!). The default blue, gray, and orange are not always optimal.
* On player names, alter the font or color to make it clearer whether something is a fleet or a title.
* Allow players to schedule contributions every 24 hours for fleet and reputation projects.
* Create a visual timeline that encompasses all the episodes and other missions, so that players can scan across it to quickly find desired content.
* Allow auto-selection of admiralty ships like we already have for BOFFs.
* Cause the admiralty missions to dequeue vertically by clicking the reward claim button, as we already have for BOFFs.
* Add a "clear all power trays" button.
* Allow players to save power trays and load them on characters of their choice. (Skills not shared between characters will be ignored and remaining skills will stay in assigned places.)
* Allow ctrl-shift, alt-ctrl, etc. power functionality.
* Allow direct binding of a key to an entire power tray without needing external programs.
* Allow individual scaling of all UI elements.
* Show all possible UI elements while editing, regardless of whether a particular ship has intel skills or hangar pets, to avoid shenanigans when loading a UI with another character.
* Allow arrow-key-based UI positioning. Coordinates would help too.
* Make the curves and angles on UI elements consistent so they fit with each other properly.
* Standardize the naming conventions of ship classes. Use the ship's class name as a key, and the various other information as a subtitle. e.g.:
* * Constitution Class (T1 Cruiser, TOS)
* * Constitution Class (T2 Cruiser)
* * Constitution Class (T2 Cruiser, Refit)
* * Constitution Class (T6 Light Cruiser, Temporal)
* * Constitution Class (T6 Heavy Command Cruiser, Kelvin)
* * In cases where a class contains multiple subclasses, pick one for a default and add some synonym of "kitbash" to the end.
* Expand player response options so that a Vulcan captain and a Klingon captain don't have to say the same thing.
* Add an undismissable "You have an empty trait slot!" UI alert.
* Add informative text to the character selection screen, such as the character's resources, completed rep, R&D, and BOFF alerts, etc.
* Show ship visuals in the character selection screen. It has to be easier than the character visuals!
* Format the character selection screen so that scrolling is not necessary. The character list has very little information on each character, so who needs the big, bulky boxes? Just use a line of text.
* Call the character visuals by BOFF name, not by outfit name, to avoid complications where a single BOFF may be showed several times.
* Allow the ship to be rotated in the character selection menu.

...I'm sure you get the idea.


  • mneme0mneme0 Member Posts: 469 Arc User
    azrael605 wrote: »
    Absolutely no way do I ever want to be forced to have a DPS parser on my game. Horrible idea.

    Really? That's my worst idea? I'm sure I have stupider ones than that here. :) No one ever said you have to display it. But not having the option is silly.

    Where's your list?

  • lordsteve1lordsteve1 Member Posts: 3,492 Arc User
    Hey there, ignore the miserly grouches who just wanna criticise anything posted here. I think it’s good to open up discussion on things like this. You never know who might be listening.
    I’ll post my list a bit later once I’ve got it all written down.
  • mneme0mneme0 Member Posts: 469 Arc User
    azrael605 wrote: »
    I don't need a list. I am free to provide my feedback on your list. Anything involving the derpsps epeen chase is among the least important considerations possible for the game.

    In that I can't stop you, you're free to do pretty much anything you want on this thread subject to the forum rules. My personal standards of "it's rude to derail a thread in the exact fashion the thread creator politely requested that I not" are, of course, unenforceable. Rest assured I would be more courteous were I responding on a thread of yours.

    Regarding the DPS e-peen, I have absolutely no interest in waving mine around, but sometimes I am curious as to what is working well on my ship damagewise and what isn't, and the DPS parsers made by third parties are quite helpful. I don't think it makes sense for one to need to install third party apps for this purpose. I use STO-Nexus, which doesn't even give you the option of stating your DPS in chat like the others do and that's what I'm suggesting: a UI element that you can turn on, and keep to yourself.

    patrickngo: What, not a fan of sweeping Klingons and Romulans under the Federation rug? Preach.
  • captainwellscaptainwells Member Posts: 666 Arc User
    Out of that whole long list of requests only one seemed beneficial to me and that was ..... How about some Command, Temporal, Miracle Worker, etc. uniforms or at least components?

    Let's do this one Cryptic?
  • mneme0mneme0 Member Posts: 469 Arc User
    azrael605 wrote: »
    "Brainstorming" means sharing ideas and thoi5ghts about those ideas. Were i coming in here and commenting on things not in your list or anyone else's liat then that would be derailing. Giving thoughts and feedback on ideas in the list is the definition of this thread's stated intent.

    I suppose technically picking one thing from a list and saying "that thing sucks" could be part of the brainstorming process, just not a response I had envisioned. :)
  • somtaawkharsomtaawkhar Member Posts: 8,995 Arc User
    edited October 2018
    patrickngo wrote: »
    5. Restore gaps in leveling, and provide 'between story' content. particularly queued content that requires teams or teamwork.
    Ohh god no, that would be one of the worst changes possible. No one wants gaps in leveling, that just means you intentionally designed a game to not have enough content to let you level just by playing the game normally.
    patrickngo wrote: »
    6. Restore the value of social zones as hubs for reputation and storylines. remove the drop-down from the UI and put the stores in the social zones associated with each reputation again.
    Again, terrible change. Not only do most reps not have a logical hub to slap the store into, but no one wants to be forced to fly around he galaxy to get some gear. Hell, this one was of the biggest complaints of crafting before they axed Mem Alpha.
    patrickngo wrote: »
    16. put some effort into branching the storylines away from the one-track railroad.
    20. How about some meaningful choices and at least the illusion of player agency?
    Yes, because Cryptic would totally be able to do the thing not even the largest MMOs like WoW, or GW2, have managed.
    patrickngo wrote: »
    18. ditto for bothersome Temporal Agents whose future would be anathema to any Romulan or Klingon patriot. "not Interested" in spite of getting hailed by this **** every single time I log on. as a Klingon I have zero interest in building a future where the Empire is a vassal state under the control of Paris and San Francisco.
    19. I'm fair certain a Romulan who isn't a Federation stooge would feel the same.
    I'm fairly sure any true patriot to either the Empire or the Republic would do what allows their people to have the best life in the future, and not forcibly maintain some sort of ideological and racial "purity" as the cost of everything else.
  • peterconnorfirstpeterconnorfirst Member Posts: 6,076 Arc User
    edited October 2018
    mneme0 wrote: »
    azrael605 wrote: »
    I don't need a list. I am free to provide my feedback on your list. Anything involving the derpsps epeen chase is among the least important considerations possible for the game.

    In that I can't stop you, you're free to do pretty much anything you want on this thread subject to the forum rules. My personal standards of "it's rude to derail a thread in the exact fashion the thread creator politely requested that I not" are, of course, unenforceable. Rest assured I would be more courteous were I responding on a thread of yours.

    Regarding the DPS e-peen, I have absolutely no interest in waving mine around, but sometimes I am curious as to what is working well on my ship damagewise and what isn't, and the DPS parsers made by third parties are quite helpful. I don't think it makes sense for one to need to install third party apps for this purpose. I use STO-Nexus, which doesn't even give you the option of stating your DPS in chat like the others do and that's what I'm suggesting: a UI element that you can turn on, and keep to yourself.

    Don’t mind him too much. For some reason I could never figure out both DPS and any tiny bit of criticism towards Cryptic seem to cause that player mental pain. Can't be helped even if one tries it as careful and productive as it can be done.

    As for me I just rushed through your list and find many reasonable ideas in it that would make the game so much better.

    Well done. :)
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    felisean wrote: »
    teamwork to reach a goal is awesome and highly appreciated
    Bring it on
    coldnapalm wrote: »
    wishful thinking is not really a reliable source
  • warpangelwarpangel Member Posts: 9,427 Arc User
    From a quick scroll-through, some of that stuff is interesting. But it's impossible to discuss that many wildly different topics in the same thread.
  • doctorstegidoctorstegi Member Posts: 689 Arc User
    My list:

    C-Store Inc. is still looking for active members on the fed side. If you don't have a fleet feel free to contact me in game @stegi.
  • somtaawkharsomtaawkhar Member Posts: 8,995 Arc User
    patrickngo wrote: »
    those are your ONLY objections, Som? I must be losing my touch.
    No, those were just the most obvious stinkers.
    patrickngo wrote: »
    Okay, we'll start at your last one (response to 18 and 19). Is the universe predetermined, or do your choices in the present matter?
    This really has nothing to do with what I said, nor did I ever bring up Daniels.

    Human history started off with early humans being scattered family units, fighting against each other over basic resources like berries, because we lacked the tech and nohow to make farms, and thus survive in larger groups. When we did learn how to make farms though those family units had to put aside past hatred and separation to come together to achieve larger communities, but ones that were more stable. Those groups had to do the same with other groups to form towns, then cities, then nations, up until today where we have all these nations allied together to move resources all around the world with greater ease, and trying to get equal rights for everyone world wide. All of history has been about the ever increasing unity of people under one common system to achieve greater things.

    This would be the exact same of space cultures. By trying to keep the Romulans and Klingons separate from the larger galactic community all you are doing in enforcing this ancient caveman like mentality of "THESE ARE MY BERRIES STAY AWAY!", and saying its a good thing your berries are only available to you, totally missing the fact that by doing so you are denying your civilization access to the ability to become far greater. Its the exact same nonsense T'Kuvma tried to push.
    patrickngo wrote: »
    next, your response to (16 and 20), or rather, my reply to your response: Have you checked out what people are doing in the Foundry lately?
    Yes, and it is, and always has been, pretty poor. Alternate pathing make sense in situations where leaving an entire group of heavily armed soldiers/starships alive is a desirable outcome, but in almost no situation is it. Even in the Trek shows the Klingons and Romulans almost exclusively used cloaking devices for sneak attacks, and not to just bypass enemy lines, because the whole point of the operation is to blow up the enemy's forces so you can take the position.
    patrickngo wrote: »
    as well as accepting and even endorsing a future where the Empire is no more, and a Klingon sits in what amounts to a ceremonial, token position in the Federation's hierarchy as a sop to keep the barbs in line.)
    You can push this idiotic radical statement as much as you want, it isn't true. Every species that has ever joined the Federation has kept its own government, laws, and culture. This would be no different for the Klingons.
    patrickngo wrote: »
    Further, why should I want to make Commander runshismouthtoomuch happy on Kobali prime by letting him berate me, a Klingon Flag officer over a point of a law that does not, and never has, applied to me?? why would I bother making nice with manipulative alien parasites? In what universe does it make sense to help them reproduce by overcoming the innoculations? If they were effective allies, then they wouldn't need us to fight their war for them, if they were effective diplomats, they wouldn't be taking hostages, if they were honorable, they wouldn't have tried to hide it from us, if they were valued, explain HOW?? (this happens in several places before and after Delta Rising.)
    1. Why would a Klingon care that the morally uptight Federation guy is a morally uptight Federation guy?
    2. The Klingons seem perfectly fine manipulating, and lying to alien species as a pretense toward invasion and enslavement(Arin'Sen). The Klingons and Kobali have a lot in common.
    3. Your statement that if they were effective allies we wouldn't need to help them makes no sense. Especially in the situations of Delta Rising where the whole reason we are forming the Delta alliance is because of our inability to wage large scale war in the Delta Quadrant ourselves. By that argument the Kobali should turn us away because WE aren't the effective allies.
    4. They aren't taking hostages. Everyone they convert was already dead. Not to mention, the Vaadwaur are totally ruthless and have no care for diplomacy. The Federation are the best diplomats in Trek canon, and not even their magical diplomacy skills could calm the Vaadwaur, so why would the Kobali be considered ineffective Diplomats because they couldn't?
    5. By that logic of Klingon honor every Klingon that used a cloaking device would be dishonorable for trying to hide their forces, that isn't how Klingon honor works.
    6. The game already explains how they were valued. Like all the other races we try to get to join the Delta Alliance they aren't friendly to the Vaadwaur, at the same time aren't hostile to us, and are one of the few remaining species that CAN do anything because the Vaadwaur already destroyed the larger empires like the KRenim, B'omar, Devore, etc. etc.
    patrickngo wrote: »
    New Players don't bump into experienced players in a setting where the latter can show off and the former can speak up about the game itself.
    this never happened even when Roxy was still there. New players who tried to get help form experienced ones were always turned away or mocked for being noobs. That generally tends to cause more people to leave and have poor experiences then the system as it is now.
    patrickngo wrote: »
    It's supposed to be Star Trek, where you go from point to point in spaceships. nearly every rep has had a 'social map' added with it, but those maps serve NO PURPOSE. likewise for storylines- when was the last time you visited K-7, or Sierra? or used the Defera NON_borg map? How about hanging out in the Dyson map(s)?? You have to travel TO Risa every summer, it's not a huge burden for the majority of players.
    Those maps serve the purpose of being easily accessible places to sell loot while you are doing that part of the story mission, aka, what they are meant for. Every MMO I have ever played had only or two "main" cities everyone went to 99% of the time to trade or whatever, and numerous smaller areas that people only went to when they were near there as part of the story. People WANT a singular solcial are that has everything for their primary use, they don't WANT to constantly have to fly/walk around the map to numerous smaller areas for this or whatever.
    patrickngo wrote: »
    Gapping the leveling to encourage players to try out things like random events, low-tier queues, and (yes) even pvp, exposes them to things like other players and cooperative action, gives them a preview of what they're going to find at endgame, and puts them into position to ask questions without being ridiculed or spammed with someone's current tinfoil hat theories on american politics and/or religion.
    Nope. That isn't how games or human mentality works. Putting gaps in the leveling just means people will go use RSAs to level up. Trying to go into a queue or something will just get them mocked and cause most players to leave because most people don't want to spend time trying to teach someone something, they just want to play it with people who already know.

    Likewise, what exchange camper actually deals in lower level items? People at lower levels don't have the cash that exchange campers are looking for, so they don't deal with them. Especially since the game throws ship gear at you like candy to the point you don't ever need to buy lower tier items.
  • somtaawkharsomtaawkhar Member Posts: 8,995 Arc User
    Anyways. The biggest thing I wanted to see, a re-revamp of the Klingon War arc, is happening, so cool on them for doing that.

    Besides that
    -They have talked about, even recently, doing a revamp for some of the early KDF story missions like the Warzone and Fek'Ihri war arc, and it would be nice to see that.
    -While totally unrealistic, it would be nice to see updates to the Featured Series(Specters, Vault, Breen, 2800) missions as well.
    -Doffing, IMO, needs to be updated to be more like Admiralty. What with daily bonuses per Doff track, increasing yoru rank giving you slightly higher base and critical rewards, etc. etc.
    -Getting a new exploration system.
    -Doing something with the lose plot thread of the Children of Khan, which is STO's only real plot thread that wasn't wrapped up.
    -A new Borg arc so Cryptic can have a reason to replace the Defera battlezone.
  • mneme0mneme0 Member Posts: 469 Arc User
    bIjatlh 'e' yImev. yItlhutlh! *'Iw HIq vIpep*

    taH yabDu'raj tIjev!
  • rattler2rattler2 Member Posts: 53,018 Community Moderator
    patrickngo wrote: »
    I confess I'm a little nervous about them messing with the Fek arc, since they kind of gutted the mystery there recently and made them far less interesting...

    Actually... its still rather interesting. Sure we now know their true origins, but still... where'd they get the ships? To what extent was the infiltration that originally spawned them? How did they break free in the first place? What are they doing NOW?
    I can't take it anymore! Could everyone just chill out for two seconds before something CRAZY happens again?!
    The nut who actually ground out a Delta Pack, Temporal Pack, and Gamma Pack
    The resident forum voice of reason (I HAZ FORUM REP! YAY!)
  • somtaawkharsomtaawkhar Member Posts: 8,995 Arc User
    edited October 2018
    patrickngo wrote: »
    and fixing the Borg arc would be nice.
    It wouldn't be so much as "fixing" the Borg arc, I have no problems with how it is already, but making a new one for the late game.

    Cryptic has said several times in the past that they would like to do a "The Borg come back" arc, and give them some of their bite back. Given the pervasiveness of the Borg, their ability to assimilate technology, and the recent influx of new technology into the galaxy via all these new enemies, it would make sense that they could assimilate some of it and return with a vengeance.

    I would probably use such a story to explore the origin of the Borg as well. The "Star Trek: Nero" tie-in comic for the Kelvin timeline has Nero meeting V'ger, and discovering that tech behind both V'ger and the Borg come from the same, even older, civilization(not that one created the other mind you), and that could be used to explore why the Borg command ships look like smaller V'gers in STO.

    It could also be used to expand the Delta Quadrant a bit, set it on the other side of the Nekrit Expanse so we can get that bit of Voyager's journey in-game as well. Though I would assume that, due to the DQ being limited to a line that the new battlezone wouldn't be a Gamma quadrant like one, but a more traditional one.

    This one would probably be like the last story Cryptic does for STO kind of thing though.
    patrickngo wrote: »
    not sure if they CAN do anything with Children of Khan, though it would be kinda neat to see what direction they're willing to take.
    I honestly wouldn't even mind if he stumble upon Princep Khan as part of some unrelated mission and capture/kill him like we did with Torg and Taris. If they did do an actual stroyline with them it would probably be something smaller like the old featured series, or the Tzenkethi Conflict was, where we are mostly by ourselves while trying to uncover what they are plotting. Would be nice to see the STF "Asgard" they had planned for it done now with all the advancements they have made since they released the 2800 arc.
  • somtaawkharsomtaawkhar Member Posts: 8,995 Arc User
    patrickngo wrote: »
    had a sick thought...

    for the vociferous defenders of multi-marks boxes in queues, how about we confine them-the multi-marks boxes,not the people-to the 10 and 20 man queues "Starbase Fleet Defense", and similar maps of similar scale with similar manpower requirements?

    (and yes, I still want to remove ALL rewards from Private matches.)
    Well the upcoming removal of RAs as a regular thing, what queues still reward multi-mark boxes at this point outside of events?

    As for the suggestion in general, CCE is a 10 man queue, and also the easiest queue out there. I think that would just shift people even more onto CCE then it is already. The other 10 manners like Core Assault, Starbase 24, and Twin Tribulations, are also exceedingly easy. If anything, multi-mark boxes should be on the hardest ones like Korfez.
  • somtaawkharsomtaawkhar Member Posts: 8,995 Arc User
    edited October 2018
    patrickngo wrote: »
    Reasonable! Agreed!! How about just missions like Korfez? Or maybe reactivate the "Long" form STF runs (ground AND space, together), but only at Elite, to bulk this up? Not as "Events" but as a regular thing-with no half-hour cooldown. Here's my thinking: "Elite marks" and Multimarks boxes should only be available on Elite difficulty, and Elite Difficulty should be gated-you have to have completed all the relevant 'advanced' queues (for the resurrected long-form missions), or have completed the related content (Including queues) on Advanced before it unlocks.

    you know, so players who haven't been grinding this game since 2012 have a bloody chance.

    Then set the store with low mark items opened for purchase (MK X) if you haven't qualified for Advanced, followed by mid-mark for players who hae, but haven't reached Elite status (MKXII) and once you've qualified for Elite (you don't have to queue for it yet) MkXIII or XIV versions of the rep-store items. and finally, an "Elite" item or set for completing it successfully, with all optionals.
    People aren't going to want to do that. That kind of tiered hoop jump usually just makes players not want to do it at all because they just want to play the game casually, and those sort of things make it seem like they can't.

    If anything, it would just widen the gap even further between those who have already been in the game for years, and have grinded their asses off, and those who are new to the game, as the new people wont feel motivated to get the elite marks needed to get rep gear in any reasonable time frame, making them lag even further behind.

    Elite shouldn't be something the normal player has to strive for, or what the game tries to bring them up to. It should remain the 100% optional thing for those extra dedicated players who want the extra challenge.

    Bringing the long form Borg STFs back as elite queues for those that want them? Sure, why not.
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