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New Featured Episode "Home" has become unplayable.

valarauko43valarauko43 Member Posts: 227 Arc User
I got through the "dread" portion of the episode once only to have restart. Now I can't "kill the remaining..." because they have started falling through the floor. Two different spots on two different restarts. Actually it also happened on the planet while trying to save things. Some Guardian got stuck in a rock, half-buried...entire team stopped to kill it. Big waste of time because it to no damage...other things died while they waited for us to rescue them. I can't progress.


  • iamynaughtiamynaught Member Posts: 1,285 Arc User
    I had this issue as well earlier. If you have any Engineering BOff's on your away team with a Quantum Mortar, that will actually shoot thru the floor and usually kill the mobs that fall through. Usually.
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  • tmghost7729#8985 tmghost7729 Member Posts: 455 Arc User
    Wrong Subforum, this is the PS4 one.
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