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Second Wave bugs after 6/5 patch

goldenavarielgoldenavariel Member Posts: 108 Arc User
We had 3 bugs occur last night while playing the mission Second Wave.

1) During the Disarming Diplomats phase, we were unable to complete Ambassador Surah's holodeck request. Neither the old character Hadran or the new one Quark had the dialog to ask about a holodeck reservation and therefore the patrons never became available to talk to. Hadran goes straight to a store screen and Quark's dialog does not include mission options. I suspect switching the characters out broke it.

2) During the Conference Conflicts phase the VO for Garak during the initial cut-scene includes both Garak's VO and the old Cardassian ambassador's VO. It doesn't stop progress obviously, just annoying though funny.

3) Not all party members were able to leave the Conference room during the Escaping Envoy's phase. Three had a button at the door but two did not. They did get credit for leaving the room when the rest of us exited but didn't actually leave. We all aborted the mission and then were able to re-enter the mission with all of us back in the Conference room. That time all of us had the button and were able to exit. That might be an old bug but we've never encountered it before.
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