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Federation Engineer standing in New Romulus Command

jbmonroejbmonroe Member Posts: 809 Arc User
Granted, I might have missed a memo, but when did Romulan Minefield end with an offer to beam an away team down--into the New Romulus Command center? My Lt. Commander toon is standing there now where I logged her out. I logged back in once to see if the game could correct the placement, but it didn't. Have Feds always been able to get in there, and I just didn't know?


  • psychoplattpsychoplatt Member Posts: 270 Arc User
    FED & KDF where always able to visit NRC if in a Team with a romulan.
    nice u wasted so much time in your sig - i do not see it anyway :)
  • jbmonroejbmonroe Member Posts: 809 Arc User
    Definitely not the case here. Can't even figure out how I'd get a beam-down offer in the mine field, of all places.
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