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Fleeet/Guild Leave without security quest ?

toraknutoraknu Member Posts: 78 Arc User
ok it happens

lost my own fleet because i press the wrong button on screen

so the fleet leeder was out !

and it was his silly doing.... in a moment of not looking

my quest is here

Why has that FLEET LEAVE button nothing like a SECURITY QUEST ???

i mean you cant clear a mail or get something out of exchange
without to answer a damm security answer

but one of the most importent Button ingame reacts on touching in a wink of an eye....

nice do ! mr HUD Designer

atleast an ever funny thing wich ruins the day.
that has to be changed !

put an security qest in here


  • arionisaarionisa Member Posts: 1,421 Arc User
    I gather you meant to say security question ? I don't remember anything in this game requiring a security question. However, a confirmation window asking "Are you SURE you want to leave the Fleet ? Yes/No" would be a nice addition. Any action in the game that can't be taken back should require some sort of confirmation and they almost all do.

    Of course leaving a Fleet accidentally can be corrected. Unless it is a solo Fleet and you don't even have a second alt in there to invite yourself back, or you are the Fleet leader and are the only one in the Fleet allowed to promote someone to Fleet leader. Accidentally leaving the Fleet in those cases is pretty much irrevocable. Then again, to me anyway, both of those cases are more of a lack of ... foresight ... on the players part and while they try, game devs can't always dream up every possible scenario and plant safeguards to protect players from themselves.

    Even in those cases there is a chance you can get support to correct your mistake.....
    LTS and loving it.
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