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OFFICIAL:Star trek online Xbox one bug reports and testing

Hello this is the official sto xbox bug reports and testing page (Basically yell at Cryptic to fix the xbox version of the game). This page is to cover the bugs introduced in each patch to fix this game... hopefuly
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  • spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 4,223 Arc User
    what in God's green earth is this doing in the Foudry portion of the forum and not the console feedback part then?
  • dosent work
  • spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 4,223 Arc User
    you do realize that the devs are not gonna take posts put in the wrong part of the forum seriously at all, best you can hope is that this thread is moved where it belongs, worst it's locked as a troll thread.

    let me repeat this to you, console bug reports do not belong here.
  • there is no dedicated console forum section
  • duncanidaho11duncanidaho11 Member Posts: 7,866 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    In addition to that...
    1. It's not up to users to create ad hoc official forum threads (on any subject). Everything we create is unofficial. Presenting yourself otherwise (via your thread's title) is highly questionable.
    2. The Foundry is the mission building tool for the PC version of Star Trek Online. Though you may not appreciate what it is and what it does (unfortunately Cryptic wasn't able to bring it over to you guys), that lack of understanding doesn't provide you the free license to overwrite what you want the Foundry forums to be instead. Research what you're getting into before jumping into it.
    3. Yelling at developers to fix bugs is not the way to improve any video game. Use appropriate channels (ie. the forum thread linked for you) to clearly and concisely detail the problems you come across, as well as the steps to reproduce it. Keep in mind, that because development is a process that requires scheduling a limited amount of time across a limited amount of developers, you won't necessarily see a fix. It depends on the scale and nature of the bug, as well as what's going on within the studio (ie. how busy they are with other things.) All you can do is to give your bug report the best shot possible at a fix, and that requires...
      1. Care
      2. Consideration
      3. Attention to detail
      4. And a willingness to abide by the processes laid out.
    4. So, try again in the Xbox QA subforum if you have a specific bug (or set of bugs) to report. If what you were trying to do here was simply vent about the generalized presence of some bugs, well then take a breather and consider a more constructive approach to what frustrates you (ie. itemizing issues, investigating what causes them as much as possible, and posted that information in the relevant forum, using existing threads [less than a month old, to avoid necroposting] where possible.)

    We can all appreciate wanting stuff fixed, but unless you work with the system you're trying to improve you're not going to accomplish much. No hard feelings, just do a little more digging next time.
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  • westhebest89#5204 westhebest89 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    None of my T6-X upgrades that I used on previous ships are working for a toon I created. She is end game, almost leveled on everything, level 65, etc. not will it let me upgrade any ships on this toon.
  • eazzieeazzie Member Posts: 3,927 Arc User
    @rattler2 @darkbladejk
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  • rattler2rattler2 Member Posts: 57,861 Community Moderator
    As the Foundry is long gone... BEGONE ZOMBIE!
    *casts Holy Photon Torpedo*
    I can't take it anymore! Could everyone just chill out for two seconds before something CRAZY happens again?!
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