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Can't progress from Cardassian Arc to Breen one

saber1973asaber1973a Member Posts: 1,218 Arc User
edited June 2017 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Ok, so i decided today, that i will finish my 2nd Delta Recruit
(Romulan Engineer, allied with KDF, Alien race),
and i get through "Of Bajor", "Operation Gamma", "Facility 4028" and "Boldly they Rode" of Cardassian Arc.
So that one is finshed, i may start next - the Breen one right?
The Breen Invasion arc is still greyed out, and i can not start the "Cold Call" episode.

For now i returned to the earlier episodes, that were "inserted" between the older arcs,
and will check if i finish them (especially that "New Romulus" arc), maybe then it will unlock the Breen arc

Ok, when i started "Core of the Matter" (2nd in the Yesterday War" acr), the whole arc moved between Cardassian Struggle and Breen Invasion...
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  • rndfluctuation#1470 rndfluctuation Member Posts: 813 Arc User
    edited June 2017
    You probably solved it already, but just in case:
    If you can't continue to the next line you need to do/skip all blocking quests.

    In your case, Yesterday's War quests may likely be blockers (I may be inaccurate here, but at least for story lines you were not arrived to yet, or in Breen/Cardasian line case, it also might happen if arrived only to one and didn't start the other already), and those are non skippable by themselves. Those will jump further as more are completed. Do ALL Yesterday's War quests when arriving to those.
    All further Yesterday's War quests but a level 50 one will be blockers for you, though doing the level 50 one is probably recommended later just in case as well.

    (Additionally, note that Darkness before Dawn/"Obysek" is mandatory too for Romulan faction chars.)

    If you did all available Yesterday's War quests you can see,
    (assuming you considered the line popping further as level requirement for next quest grows),
    did all other blocking quests, still being unable to continue further to a quest line starting at your level and yet only see the level 20 quest you did still being last in Yesterday's War line,

    -You may (as a Romulan faction char) be needing to interact with J->Info dialogues related to that line/quest giver in order to have more quests revealed.
  • saber1973asaber1973a Member Posts: 1,218 Arc User
    It was the 3rd mission from "Yestarday War" acr - it also has Breen attacking earth... so it's logically sound, but until i did the 2nd mission from that arc, there was NOT any indication of this...
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