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Next Season: Civil War!



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    ssbn655ssbn655 Member Posts: 1,894 Arc User
    How about a big no.
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    caesar1075caesar1075 Member Posts: 9 Arc User

    The delta quadrant borg are dealing with a war against the Voth and remnants of the Vaadwaur and connection with the alpha and beta quadrant borg is severed. Last instructions transmitted:
    Assimilate iconian servitor race Elachi, assimilate remains of Romulan Imperial forces and Tal Shiar, infiltrate Iconian Dyson Sphere, assimilate technology, conquer alpha quadrant alliance, return to delta quadrant.

    Seven of Nine gets hold of this information and briefs the Alliance. A mission is planned; capture a borg sphere and stage a ''false drone'' attack against T'ket's Iconian forces in order to force an early attack against the borg, before they assimilate new technology.

    episode reward T6 Borg Sphere ship - special ability - assimilation matrix; equip ALMOST ANY console, even those that are exclusive to some ships.
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