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Valkis & T5 Scimitar Consoles incorrectly marked and Hangar pets

aeieaeie Member Posts: 57 Arc User
edited April 2017 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
The T5 Scimitar consoles say they can be used with any Dreadnaught Warbird, they however can not be used with the Valkis Temporal Heavy Dreadnought Warbird. Either the description needs to be modified clarifying that they can only be used with T5 & T6 Scimitars or it should be fixed to where they can be equipped on the Valkis as they state.

It's also worth noting, whether intentional or not, that Romulan Drone hangar pets also can not be equipped on the Valkis Warbird even though it is clearly capable of using "Frigate" pets.
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