changing motd bugged

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i belong to two separate fleets, the fleet leader in the 2nd fleet reported he was having issues with the motd, he would change it in fleet 1 and it would be still there when he went to the 2nd fleet.
i found out after he let me try it myself.
go to starbase 1 with said character and change the motd. changes fine.
switch to diff character linked to the 2nd fleet and go look at the motd and it still shows the motd from the first fleet you just previously went to in a diff character and changed the motd.

what i found out was the motd once changed stays in your computer unless you logoff.
so anyone thiking they have a screwup when they go to the 2nd fleet goes to cross out what doesnt belong on that char cause it belongs to the other char and in doing so it not only clears his motd on his computer but since he has motd rights on the 2nd fleet in another toon, the motd for that fleet gets erased and he didnt see whats supposed to be there he only saw the one from the 1st fleet his other toon belongs too.
i found out if you logoff completely and log back on, whatever memory location the changed motd goes into in the game gets cleared and the motd shows up like its supposed to in any fleet your part of.
this becomes an annoying problem cause if you just switch chars you instantly think you screwed up the other fleets motd and you go to erase it off your screen not realizing you are actually erasing both yours AND the 2nd fleets motd.

does anyone have any ideas, that doesnt involve erasing the game,
both machines in question are attatched to 2 separate cable systems AND 2 separate areas in the world. so we know its not our computer, we know its the game.
also we each did a force verify with no effect.
thanks to anyone with any ideas how to fix this problem.